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Esalen Workshop: Surrendered Leadership Circling

Jordan Myska Allen Partner, Facilitator
john thompson
John Thompson Co-Founder of Circling Europe, Facilitator
11 May 2018
13 May 2018
55000 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920, United States   View map

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“What if every relationship in your life became inspiration for a new paradigm in self-realization?” ask the leaders. “Circling invites us to surrender our personal ideology and ego identity to the larger intelligence of the whole — while simultaneously embracing the fullness of our individual experience, power, and capability.


During this workshop, we’ll form a co-created space in which we call everyone to step into their highest ‘response-abilities’ and leadership. At best this becomes a symphony with everyone having their own individual role and being perfectly in synch with each other and the whole.


Imagine switching from trying to control our experiences to radically trusting the underlying processes in life. This ability to more directly relate with life — and each other — goes beyond producing more. It transforms who we are. Practicing Circling is likely to reveal a new way of being that radically trusts what happens. This means embracing yourself and others, even in moments of deep uncertainty and in states that are normally subtly shamed.


Everything we practice in Circling is intended to enhance the everyday challenges and joys of being human: parenting, friendship, love, earning money, learning, celebrating, dealing with injustice, death, betrayal and heartbreak, navigating politics, and beyond.”

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Event Details

What Happens

Circling is spreading around the world quickly and Circling Europe are pioneers in the field. You can expect deep personal realizations that lead to significant growth, inspiring connections that set new bars of intimacy and enchanted group experiences.


By zooming in, slowing down and bringing a meditative like acceptance and awareness to what’s happening in the moment between us Circling creates an unexpected and powerful magic. This is a presence centered embodiment practice that impacts on multiple levels and at the same time is refreshingly simple and practical.


Surrendered Leadership

At these immersions we love exploring surrendered leadership—a paradox of self-leadership, in connection with the whole. This type of integral leadership practices making the subjective self-identity an object held in the larger awareness of awareness, as well as the greater wholeness we are a part of.


We believe that by practicing this kind of leadership, we create stronger, more creative, dynamic, and aligned individuals—and therefore a more conscious, supportive, abundant and loving whole.



  • Jordan Myska Allen
  • John Thompson

May 11 – 13, 2018

First Night Orientation (Open to all visitors, especially Esalen First Timers): Fri. 7:30-8:15pm

Workshop Times:
Sat: 9:30am–12:45pm, 3:30pm–6:45pm
Sun: 10am-noon

Meal Times:
Breakfast: 8:30-9:30am, Lunch: 12:30-1:45pm (Sunday Brunch 12:15-1:30pm), Dinner: 6-7:30pm

Esalen Institute
55000 Highway 1
Big Sur, CA 93920

Want to join us?

You don’t need any special training or experience, simply a desire to dive in, get real and expect the unexpected! And, if you want more info on Circling before the event, we recommend:





Circling Immersion weekends are a wonderful way to discover the practice for the first time. There will likely be others there who are new to Circling as well. If you would like to get a sense of Circling in advance; please check out a Circling event—you can get information for what’s happening in your city’s Meetup and Facebook pages. Also, please let the facilitators know that this is your first time Circling and feel free to request support for this new experience at any time during the weekend.
While the practice of Circling is a relational meditation, it isn’t necessary for you to have meditated before. Many people begin their meditation journey through Circling, and we will guide you while encouraging you to open to the feelings of uncertainty and not knowing.

Circling is not therapy, nor is it facilitated by a professional counselor. The experience may feel healing, but that is not the intention of Circling. Circling embraces each moment as it is, without the assumption that something needs to be changed.

The event will be facilitated in English. You are welcome to speak other languages at the event and relate with others in your preferred language.