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Marysia Pstrokonska
Marysia Pstrokońska Facilitator, Core Team
Shara Sebastian Facilitator & Accountant
john thompson
John Thompson Co-Founder of Circling Europe, Facilitator
Sean Wilkinson Co-Founder of Circling Europe, Facilitator
Jordan Myska Allen Partner, Facilitator
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***Enrollment for Cohort Starting March 11 is CLOSED. Dates for next Online Circling Course are COMING SOON.***


Online Circling Training: A 10 Week Journey to Interconnectivity

21 st century communication and self transformation. This course is A Ten Week Transformational Journey to the Heart of What Matters Most…

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This training is cohort based; in addition to all the great content, individual coaching sessions, and CircleAnywhere access, this upcoming group will meet together for 2 hours on 4 different sessions – dates are to be determined soon.

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Capacities we expect you to feel evolve in this learning environment:

  • A greater sense of acceptance and love for yourself and others
  • An enhanced capacity for presence, connection and aliveness
  • An increased ability to maintain presence to yourself whatever is happening in others
  • Developed wisdom in the dynamics of what happens in yourself and others in relationship
  • Increased capacity to be with and discern emotions, thoughts and spiritual states of being
  • Breathing life into spiritual concepts in an exciting and simple way
  • An ability to share your unique gifts in presence and connection
  • An enhanced capacity to receive and inspires others in their unique capacities