Jordan Myska Allen

Partner, Facilitator

About Jordan

Jordan is head of Circling Europe in the Americas. His commitment to the deeper principles of Circling extends far beyond the practice. He comes from a decade of meditation and Integral study, several years of community leadership in Integral and Course in Miracles groups, and work with the Integral consulting organization Being First.

He has also traveled across the US as frontman for a rock band, and founded a charity event that organizes Austinites on a yearly 5k run through the city in gorilla suits.

Jordan created the pioneering that makes Circling accessible daily around the world and recently published his first book A Beautiful Apocalypse, a zombie adventure inspired by Integral Theory.

Jordan holds life with light joy and deep commitment. He is dedicated to furthering the awareness of love’s presence in his own life and others, whether that requires a loving welcoming of all arising in the moment, or a loving challenge to all around him to bring themselves more fully into truth.

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Online Course, 3 Month Payment Plan (starting Aug 26)

Online $130.00 / month for 3 months 15 Qty Available
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26 - 28August - October

Online Course (starting Aug 26)

Online $379.99 31 Qty Available
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International Circling Festival Scholar 2017

Meeuwenveenweg 1, Havelte, Netherlands $382.50 There are no ticket available at this time.
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In-Dependence Day Circling Weekend in Austin, 3 Month Payment Plan

5750 Balcones Dr. Suite 202, Austin TX 78731 $120.00 / month for 3 months 27 Qty Available
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30 - 02June - July

In-Dependence Day Circling Weekend in Austin

5750 Balcones Dr. Suite 202, Austin TX 78731 $350.00 This event has passed
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