Marysia Pstrokonska

Marysia Pstrokonska


About Marysia

Marysia’s first Circling workshop was a profound and life changing experience that opened up longed for possibilities inside and outside of herself. These new insights led to a lot of transition and transformation in the coming years as she looked at the places where her life was not in alignment with the deeper parts of her.

In these years, Marysia also immersed herself in the beauty and the challenge of creating a community based on Circling practice and principles. She is one of the founders of Authentic London and brought the practice of Circling to this giant city which now boasts a vibrant, down to earth and loving Circling community with several certified practitioners.

She also worked for many years in high schools in inner London as a teacher, work she found challenging, rewarding, hilarious and often moving.

In her life and Circling practice Marysia possesses a deep willingness to be with others in core vulnerabilities and is passionate about exploring truth, full aliveness, authentic intimacy and the wisdom of the body. She is inspired and uplifted by the human impulse to connect and is particularly interested in working with trauma and unconscious patterns of disconnection as well as exploring essence. She is currently training as a Core Energetics practitioner and bodyworker.

She works closely with Circling Europe as an assistant leader on SAS trainings and collaborator on the Introductory Online Course.

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28 - 29April

Circling Weekend in London

18-19 Lettice St, London SW6 4EH, UK $337.21 $252.91 27 Qty Available
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24 - 25February

Circling Weekend in Amsterdam

Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam, Netherlands $337.21 There are no ticket available at this time.
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Online Course 3 Month Payment Plan (starting Jan 13)

Online $160.00 / month for 3 months 6 Qty Available
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13 - 17January - March

Online Course (starting Jan 13)

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29 - 07March - October

Amsterdam SAS

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