Valerie Daniel


Valerie Daniel

Valerie is an assistant leader, facilitator and coach for Circling Europe, involved in Circling in Business, SAS Advanced training, Circle Anywhere, and weekend immersions. She helped found and leads the Dallas, TX Circling community.

Valerie has been devoted to human development, psychology, spirituality, and meditation for many years. Finding Circling was like coming home to a place she’d never been, encapsulating much of what she values and believes into one practice. Circling has impacted her life profoundly and that impact is ongoing, as being a surrendered leader continues to evolve her as a human being.

She holds a BA in Psychology and an MBA and is a certified personal and executive coach. She spent twenty-plus years working in high tech/Fortune 500 corporations, initially in management, then progressing to director-level positions. She successfully led international teams in Business Operations, Global Purchasing, and Product and Project Management. Her corporate work revealed in her a passionate desire for a paradigm shift toward more conscious workplaces grounded in authenticity, heart and purpose.

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