About Circling Europe

Our Vision

To make the practice of Circling as widely accessible as possible. To continue to develop and stand for the practice so that the relational presence that Circling points to can reach more people.

Further, it’s to deeply listen to our wider eco-system and to respond quickly with a deep willingness to adapt and evolve towards what is most needed.

On the ground

We are the largest Circling organisation in the world, having helped the practice to spread to over 20 countries, trained hundreds of leaders worldwide, created the 5 principles of Circling and evolved the practice into a new form called Surrendered leadership.

We’ve also developed an online platform specifically designed for Circling, circleanywhere.com, making the practice accessible worldwide.

A Continual Embrace of Mystery and Wisdom

We currently see Circling as the most inspiring practice for bringing development in the world—it quenches a particular thirst, the thirst for more meaning, intimacy, creativity, respect for our interconnectivity, surrender, discernment, collective intelligence, action and self transformation.

But our vision goes beyond Circling and aligns with a wider movement in the world centered around these values that is bringing a deeper consciousness to our relationships and purpose. Circling is the current tool we are working with and deeply committed to, but to really enter into the field of Circling means entering into a continual embrace and relationship with all other forms of wisdom and to stay centred in the mystery of existence.

Circling and Integral Theory

Circling Europe has a deep research experience in the world’s most all-encompassing philosophy, Integral Theory, including published papers and award winning presentations.

Integral Theory is a meta-theory that draws on a wide variety of academic and cross-cultural disciplines creating the most comprehensive guide and map of research into how humans grow and develop. Our approach has drawn much from pioneering integral researchers Susan Cook-Greuter (Harvard University) and Robert Kegan (Harvard University), who are pioneers and world leaders in the field of adult development.

Other key influences have been psychotherapists Robert Augustus Masters, Carl Rogers and Carl Jung; spiritual teachers, Almaas, Krishnamurti, Aurobindo, Eckhart Tolle, Mark Gafni; intimacy specialists David Deida and Nicole Daedone and philosophers Foucault, Socrates, Heidegger and Nietzsche.

Values and ethics

The following are our values and ethics for working… They can be summed up as wanting to live the Five Principles.

Way of Working

We relate using the Five Principles. We make decisions using the advice process and considering what our values and the purpose of any given project and Circling Europe as a whole are. We use integral theory—particularly in recognizing relative hierarchies, yet also the wholeness of each part.

In addition to the 5 principles of Circling, we draw inspiration and practices from the following:

Deliberately Developmental Organizations / a feedback culture:
Reinventing Organizations, “Teal,” and Integral Self-Organizing:

Marketing Principles

  1. Our marketing is both an Organic and Facilitated process, in the style of circling. (Trust)
  2. We share the truth and the right people will align (Own experience). Conversely, we only want these people Circling… we don’t need to dress up the message, just clearly communicate exactly as it is.
  3. We are committed to building a sense of community, inclusion, and ownership from the beginning—which will also encourage everyone to help promote and participate and keep us in relationships (Be With Them in Their World)
  4. Slower, healthy growth is better than rapid, unsustainable growth (Stay with the sensation)
  5. Two way communication and constant feedback will make it easy to change, shift, and evolve to fit needs that we cannot predict (Commitment to Connection)