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Unconventional Life Summit: Jan 15-17

We’re excited to be a part of The Unconventional Life Summit January 15-17. John Thompson, Sean Wilkinson and Jordan Myska Allen are featured in this free virtual business accelerator. Jules Schroeder is bringing together the world’s top millennial entrepreneurs to reveal their secrets on how to uplevel your business, mind/body/spirit and relationships – and create lasting impact. Check it out …

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Free Awaken to Wholeness Online Summit

We’re proud to be a part of the Awaken to Wholeness Summit, a free online journey January 23 – February 1, 2017. John Thompson and Amy Silverman are featured in this program. Check it out – you can register for it here.

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A Beautiful Apocalypse

Two years ago, civilization was overrun by one of humanity’s biggest nightmares: flesh-eating zombies. As if the threat of the undead wasn’t bad enough, the remaining humans have separated into small groups of survivors, many of whom are willing to kill anything that moves to ensure their own safety. In a world where nobody is trustworthy and nothing is as …

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The Future of Authenticity

In this conversation Sean, Jordan and John invite listeners to try on an embodied authentic communication that transcends and enhances authentic relating and non-violent communication.

The Five Principles Can Be Lights on a Path to Presence with Each Other

The practice of Circling encourages you to draw your own conclusions, while continuously allowing them to be re-drawn. The Five Principles can be lights on this path to presence with each other.

The following descriptions are not comprehensive—but they will give you enough to start testing out how you can deepen your presence both inside and outside of Circles. They are not rules; they are guidelines. They are not answers; they are questions to be lived. They are not static; they are evolving as we evolve.