Circling Events

Circling Europe has devised what we believe is a uniquely rigorous professional certification program to cultivate a global network of leaders who have demonstrated personal and social leadership. We certify only those individuals committed to the integrity of the Principles of Circling in their own practice and that which they facilitate among others.

Circling Nights

One-off group circling sessions that are a real eye opener into how to come home to yourself and see powerfully how you relate with others; whole new paradigm in communication. This is a natural way to experience mystery and magic in everyday life.

Circling Weekends

These are intensive trainings with skilled Circling facilitators. Circling Weekends are forums wherein one can expect personal realizations that lead to real and measurable change in one’s leadership and presence, as well as meaningful social connections.

Circling Festival

Circling leaders as well as multiple contributors across complementary interdisciplinary fields gather to cultivate the Integral creativity that arises from culling the best of all available practices in personal, social, and professional development.