International Circling Festival: Transformational Connection

Welcome to our biggest and most
magical event of the year

This is the 6th year of our 5 day festival in the beautiful Dutch countryside to bathe in the practices of Circling and Surrendered Leadership and a whole host of cutting-edge workshops led by international facilitators connected to the practice of Circling.

It’s a chance to come together and celebrate, to touch the tender parts of our humanity, to connect in profound ways, to enter a field of embodied mystery and practice, to dance with wild abandon, relax into nature, stimulate the mind and senses and be supported into a remembrance of innocence and reverence.

Join us as we find the resonance of the creative potential of the unique constellation of people that gather. Surrender with us in our deepest offering and expression of love.

From our hearts we welcome you into this adventure of a festival!

Please feel free to come and see us at any time and we wish you the most amazing experience.

For more on the festival theme Transformation Connection, click here.

Much love,
John, Marysia, Jordan, Sean, Lonneke, Kathryn & Heinz

You can view the Program Timetable here.

Leadership Team

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