Led by Marielle Klassen & team

In this workshop we will be exploring simplicity of touch. We’ll explore some principles that are important in the context of touch — presence, boundaries and setting a context. Circling and massage have, in my mind, a goal in common; coming close to areas that might be vulnerable and bringing awareness to them. Massage is also an attempt to make more clear what you are feeling, also during relaxation. In this space we’ll develop skills that also support us in our Circling practice, especially around ‘I’m noticing / I’m sensing’, and also finding inspiration for how you might combine embodiment more within Circling.

We will start ‘Awakening touch’ with a group-meditation and surrendered leadership space with a focus on circling ánd touch. For the rest of the time, you will be working in pairs. This is a hands-on workshop, where you will massage and be massaged within your pair, with guidance and support throughout. When you massage you will learn how to be more sensitive in your hands and being, as well inspiration for touch techniques. When you receive massage you will have the chance to slow down and explore your reaction to the touch.

Touch can awaken you in many different ways.