Belonging to the Earth

Led by Marysia Pstrokońska

In this workshop we will explore some practices to commune more directly with natural intelligences and tap into powers that are already there, all around us.

Just like in Circling, when we are with someone in their world, we are most able to see them when we come with freshness, willingness to Listen, to feel, to not transpose our hypothesis onto them. It is a deeply enriching and humbling practice to come to the Earth willing to Listen, and to meet what we find closer to its own terms.


Through deep communion with Earth we can come to realise — on a level way deeper than concept— our Radical Relatedness with everything around us. The intimacy, the interbeing.
This sensitises and strengthens us at the same time, helping us to relax our nervous systems into deeper presence, grounding and a natural embodiment.


We’ll explore cultivating these skills through practices to sensitise the heart and belly centres as organs of perception and other meditative and grounding practices that we can integrate with some ease into our lives.

We will meet in Room 2, but we will be outside for the majority of the time.

“I thought the earth remembered me,
she took me back so tenderly…”
-Mary Oliver