Led by Jonas Pils

The concept of transmission appears in most if not all spiritual traditions. Christ consciousness transmission is just that; a transmission of beingness, oneness, consciousness. It isn’t tied to Christianity but is rather one name among many, all pointing to the same indescribable existence that we are.

During the workshop Jonas will lead guided meditations and “do” the Christ consciousness transmission. The quotation marks mark the ambiguous nature of “doing” a transmission. The actual experience of “doing” it, at least for Jonas, is entering a place of total surrender, vulnerability, and receptivity — letting go of control yet having faith that life will flow through him. And even though he can’t take credit for it it is a very personal experience of gifting what is most precious.

Most people find the transmission to be gentle, opening, and loving. If you are energetically sensitive you might find it quite intense.

This is how fellow circler Dagny describes receiving it:

“My experience with getting Christ consciousness transmission from Jonas, was that I was brought into a meditative state where I felt my energetical body or centra/network very strongly. The energy which was transmitted from or through him felt very bright and powerful, and it was like the energy went to the energy centre in me which I perceive as most blocked, maybe by trauma … It felt like connecting with a very high clear level of consciousness.”

No prior experience of meditation is needed. Welcome.