Led by Jordan Myska Allen & Ellen Waenink

Circling in Business—in many ways there’s nothing different about revealing the presence, connection, and aliveness inherent in a business context than any other:

How do you speak honestly without relying on buzzwords, while honoring the language of the culture you’re in? How do you address themes of trust and vulnerability when you want to explore the contours of non-trust and welcome guardedness? How do you skillfully bring awareness to the nuances of power—structurally and in-the-moment? How do you speak to the habits of long-standing relationships and cultural agreements when just noticing them upsets the balance upon which very important things are held?

Still, this workshop will likely interest you if you have a desire to bring Circling into businesses (or already are doing so) or looking for ways to bring more presence and connection in your own work. We’ll also share stories from bringing Circling specifically into startups, business schools, and Fortune 500 companies alike.

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