Clown: The Courage to Be Seen

In Workshop by Kathryn

Led by Angela Halvorsen Bogo

Clown: the courage to step towards healing and bliss.

Clowning is a noble and complex art full of paradox. It is also a useful practice for anyone in a presenting role and more than this it is also poetic and powerful relational training for anyone. It can be a life-long path of discovering oneself, learning to recognize in others where we are coming from at any time. It trains the ability to take the risks the internal critic would advise against, to move beyond the ego. Without adding or hiding, yet willing to be vulnerable, without a plan and allowing others the same, in kindness, can be beautiful, moving and challenging all in the same moment. Only by daring to wait, to be, to feel, can we show our tender hearts to each other. It can be powerful, deeply connecting, inspiring, even healing. With more time, a weekend, a week, more, it becomes possible for people to be in the service of the infinite creating healing and cathartic moments of bliss.

This intro session looks at the first stages of clowning. We will play, move, be still, notice. By stripping away any attempt to impress or be other than we actually are in this moment we will practice the ability to simply be present to ourselves and others, allowing the unknown to emerge. Can we be a space of trust for each other as we investigate tiny steps into clowning? Can we be patient, playful, light, quiet, open? Perhaps we will witness the infinite unfolding for a moment, as us.