Dance of your Being

Led by Lucie Baudon

Movement – Connection – Awareness

What is it like to be in your body ? What is your energy like ? How are you relating with the ground, with the space, with others ?
During these workshops, Lucie will invite you to explore your organic mouvement in connection with different focus points.

It can be a space where you can :
• explore and develop presence to your body, emotions and energy
• experience different textures, vibrations and colors of Being
• take the time to notice your way of being in connexion with others
• follow what moves you
• develop your connection with your environment and widen your comfort zone
• welcome your impulse to control your movements
• learn to compose with what is in each moment. Whether it is from a particular subject, alone or with a group.

This dance is for anyone who wants to :
• deepen their presence
• develop their body and soul connection
• deeply connect with others and the environment
• learn to stay in connection with themselves regardless of their emotional states
• gain self-trust
• improve their posture and vital energy
• trust and explore their improvisations skills
• Be free and spontaneous in their dance