Led by Bjarte Hiley

What is Movement and how do I learn it?

Is it something that is exclusive to a select group of elite athletes, or does it belong to anyone who is capable of moving?

In this class we will be exploring moving from the immediacy of the moment, while holding the ideal of Movement as an orienting principle. The principle will develop as you evolve, and will affect how you experience the immediacy of the moment. As your understanding of movement develops in complexity, your applications of the principles will become more efficient and congruent with the reality of your physical being.


Here’s how it will look in practice:

* Learning concrete practices to develop strength and motor control in diverse ranges of motions.

* Experience why skill based training is way more FUN and efficient than going to the gym to lift weights.

* Exposure to the core principles I use to guide my own development of specific skills, that transcend and include more traditional ways of training.

* Exploring how to align the movement towards more strength and skill with your embodied experience.