Led by Lynn Kreaden & Marysia Pstrokonska

Welcome to Erotic Innocence

Do you remember your first crush? How old were you? Who was it? What grade were you in? Do you remember the feeling that went through your body when you looked at them? Could you actually look or were you shy? Did they know you were crushing on them or was it a total secret?
Now, think back to the last time you were attracted to someone. Feel into where that lands in your body. Do you stop breathing? Does it bring a smile to your face? Do you feel that little bit of excitement in your belly? Maybe a little giggle?

Take a breath…..

Is this feeling familiar?

In this workshop we will explore attraction with an inquiry into the strong possibility the child within is usually the first responder. This impacts all your relationships – the platonic, the romantic, the sexual… You will get insight into the origin of your attraction pattern and what’s in play with your choice of partner. Once you understand your dynamics, new perspectives appear and you’ll have the ability to connect with others more intimately.

You’re invited to explore the mystery and energy of attraction and discover more of how our children, our adults and erotic lives are intimately connected. In celebration we will honour the innocence of our attraction, our longing and our erotic nature.

Please bring a few pictures of yourself as a child to the workshop

*Space is limited*