Free Your Voice

Led by Annabeth Novitzki

Imagine ecstatic dance for vocal expression.

I’ll start with some basic information about how the vocal instrument works, a few simple exercises, and answer a few questions. Then we’ll spend the rest of the session in exploration. We’ll see what it’s like to vocally express without language. Nonsense syllables are totally welcome. There won’t be other instruments; body sounds only.

Explorations include:

  • The most core caveman sound of your internal world
  • Silence, listening, feeling the physical/emotional resonance/dissonance with the sounds happening
  • Feeling trapped and sounds wanting to come out but being stuck inside
  • Letting out “sounds I’m not supposed to make”
  • Musical/harmonic interplay- solo and interactive improv
  • Saying yes to your no’s
  • Including and interacting with ambient noise/other sounds
  • Physical movement (space permitting)
  • Eye contact
  • Surrendered leadership communication without words
  • Feeling into the connectivity with self and the group

This Alan Watts recording is the primary inspiration for this event.