Led by Chahat Corten

“My heart and yours are very, very old friends” ~Hafiz

How would your life look like when the phenomenon LOVE is your daily inspiring companion?

It’s is not that difficult to let LOVE be the ground of our Being and Becoming in the world as

“LOVE is the force that moves the Sun and the Stars” ~Dante


  • We yearn for love so deeply
  • We think about love so much
  • We cry longing for love in lonely desperation
  • We feel ashamed as we seem not to be capable to fulfill our deepest yearnings
  • We see all the others, who have apparently ‘made it’ yet we often are afraid to engage in an intimate and honest conversation on the topic to check the facts!

In this intimate and playfull workshop I am inviting you to dive with me into simple yet deep adn intimate exercises and practices around the ways we look at Love.

You’ll easily step in to the experience and in to the knowledge of the Love that is living inherent IN you, as you and through you.

We’ll compassionately engage our shadows and all the narrow perspectives we hold around what is our actual birth-right.

Let’s come together and play so our understanding and our capacity of holding of the love that we ARE can evolve, as Love always does.

In Love,