Private Sessions: for Men with Deborah Scherz

Deborah is offering 1 on 1 sessions for men, using Circling, touch and Wheel of Consent work.

Her intention is to serve men, by entering into an intimate connection with them.

This connection allows space for healing, holding and discovering blind spots in relationships.

She offers her feminine presence, care and fire, so they can bring their gifts to the world fully.

These sessions are for men who want to create deep intimacy in their lives.

Who long to be fully received by the feminine.

Who are ready to be confronted with their shit, in a loving way.

Who want to be seen for who they really are.

Who want to become more aware of their potential and their power.

During these sessions, there can be a lot of touch – or none at all. We go slow and take our time to feel what is right in every moment.

The sessions are offered at a reduced rate of 50 Euros.

You can book your private session with Deborah Scherz directly.