Sensual Flow, Men Only

In Workshop by Kathryn

Led by Tess van der Putten

You are a man, meaning: you are in a man’s body. And, you are curious about your inner feminine. The girl, the flow, the movement, the body, the emotion and experience of the feminine within you. Your inner Woman: with a capital W. You are curious about what she has to say, how she wants to express, how she sees the world and how she wants to move within it, within you. If you can feel a longing, excitement, resistance or pure curiosity to discover more of her and therefore more of you, than be welcome and join us for the first edition of: SENSUAL FLOW – MEN ONLY –

SENSUAL FLOW is a class and program created by Tess, especially designed for women. Meaning humans who have a female body and want to connect to that in a deeper way. For the past 3 years Tess has been sharing and teaching her work with women all over the world, guiding them into their unique femininity and sensual flow, body and essence. Magic always entered the room and danced with us.
After many request of men the time has come to share this secret women’s work with you: Men.

Within this workshop we will come together with a group of men only and one woman: Tess, to guide you within this journey into the feminine. This workshop will be mostly led as if it would be teached to a group of women. Prepare to feel and meet your inner woman.
Tess will guide you into connection to:

– The feminine essence within you. – Your inner girl and inner Woman with a capital W.
– Your resistance, longing and pleasure for this feminine energy that lays within you.
– Your unique expression, movement and embodiment of this feminine energy within you.
– Insights around the masculine / feminine dance within you.
– The quality of sisterhood within this.

* Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move and maybe feel feminine in. Leggings, etc are more than welcome but not needed while this journey is more about the inward journey. Bring yourself, an open and curious attitude and a good dosis of love and admiration for the feminine within you.