Led by Tess van der Putten,

Within this class we will come together with women and women only to move, open, stretch, feel and enjoy the lusciousness of our female bodies and beings. We will connect to our femininity, our sensuality and aliveness through honouring our hearts and hips wisdom. Allowing the hearts fire to dance with the fire of the hips. Connecting ourselves to our unique expression of the feminine in the moment.

We welcome all that comes up throughout this class and experience. There is space for pleasure, resistance, breaking free, grief, simplicity, aliveness, opening, closing and anything else that might come up. We will move all of it in dedication to her: the wild woman inside of us.

This class is a physical class in which we will move and awaken our body and aliveness. This doesn’t mean you have to be or do anything. This class will give you a space in which you can fully honour and devote yourself to you: your body, your being and sensual flow in the moment. Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move. Bring yourself as you are and take it from there. Let’s celebrate life together.