Shamanic Circling

Led by Gabrial Magnifesta

Alchemy is the art of inner transformation through outer transformation and visa versa. Gently playing with and engaging with the inner and outer landscape of ourselves. We play and move between expression, feeling the feedback and reflection. From this cycle the nervous system adjusts and learns new ways of being in the world with more options so to speak. We go in, find and polish the metals (emotional ranges) that were suppressed to reveal their golden shine. Another way of thinking of this is to imagine your nervous system as a radio that is tuning into certain signals. From this alchemical process, the nervous system learns how to tune into different frequencies giving you a greater choice of stations to choose from.

We are not only doing this for ourselves as individuals but are in fact doing this for all of humanity.

In Circling, we explore and experience first hand the fact that we are unique incredible individual expressions that are part of the continually evolving and learning collective organism. This taste of a different way transforms everything.