Sing Song

In Workshop by Kathryn

Led by Jordan Myska Allen & Chahat Corten

What is this sing-song?

That’s the question we’re asking, and answering, with you, my dear friends, in a coffeeshop-like singer-songwriter expose of presence and connection; Surrendered Leadership (Circling?) via musical improvisation…

a chord progression emerges in resonance with the audience; we start to sing about what’s here—or maybe what’s not—and it moves! Does someone else take a verse? Do we find a chorus? Do we all sing together? Who’s rapping? How did the melody change, how does it come from empty-nothingness into aural pleasure? Who’s stomping the floor and clapping their hands? The stomping and clapping answers the question in action.

Maybe we’ll be serious. Maybe we’ll be silly. We’ll include you (and we won’t). Now let’s end this description on a high note…