Sinking in Zen

Led by Stéphane Segatori

Sinking in Zen is a guided exploration of the depths of our own heartmind, the Zen mind, often called True Self. It is a playful conversational process with 13 embodied realizations from the Koan practice (zen riddles). An unbroken tradition, synthesized and modernized by genius Zen master Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi (See book: “A heart blown open”), his transmission of Zen can often be felt directly within the Mondo manual.

As we dive together, you might experience yourself as vast, boundless, peaceful, clear, joyful; and learn to access those meditative qualities within you in a timeless manner.

This comes in very handy to deepen our holding space capacity within Circling practice.

This practice has been praised & recommended as an Accelerated state-training by philosopher Ken Wilber in his latest books, for its clear access to the Causal/Witnessing state.

Limited to 8 participants.

3-4 people will be facilitated simultaneously with the participation of everyone. You’re warmly invited to come and be part of or witness the process.

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