Led by Josh Stein

What does it really mean to own your experience? Is it about re-claiming my power? Or is it a about sanitized language? Maybe it’s being blunt with what I think and feel.

Ownership gets a lot of people really confused. I’m here to offer clarity.

When it comes down to it, there’s one word that sums up Ownership for me more than any other: truth. Ownership is about getting really honest with yourself about your experience, including what’s apparent, what’s underneath, and what your role is in creating it.

I think this is really important, that it’s at the very centre of Circling and a doorway to new possibility.

In this workshop, we’ll explore it together with (hopefully) the right mix of maps, exercises, and debriefing to light the way forward. There’s way more to talk about than can be covered in our time together, but I’m confident we’ll cover some rich territory.