Teaching to Let Go

Led by Markus Schnizer

In this workshop we will explore different techniques of teaching others how to let go in different ways. We will work mostly in couples – giving and receiving in alternate turns.

Touch is hereby used as a way to indicate tensions and contractions in the clients body and to create awareness about them (as we often are so familiar to them that we don’t notice them anymore without external feedback).
From there we use our awareness (both from the provider and the client) together with breathing, movement and verbal feedback to teach the receiver how to reduce the tension and rigidity.

These processes are not aiming on mere muscular tensions. It is a search of the client within the exercises, how the whole body can let go, how to switch the nervous system to a lower level of arousal, because the client gets out of “stress” mode. And it is not only about physical pain, this approach can be also applied to emotional pain.

Part of what we will cover in this workshop is how to use pain as an indicator of tension, and how to teach the receiver new options of working with his or her pain, allowing it instead of managing, ignoring, or overcoming it.  An important part of that is how the provider-client relationship can be built as a partnership so both can use pain in an efficient way of learning about ourselves.