Led by Marysia Pstrokonska

In this space we’ll be exploring how aliveness moves through us, and how we can work with touch to support the flow of that in ourselves and each other.

We, and the world around us are in constant motion — our hearts are beating, our blood and cerebro-spinal fluid are pulsing, our breath flows in and out, there is a movement in our thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Our body is often more aware of this constant motion than our minds. By listening to the rhythm of our own authentic pulsation we can find an inner dynamism that is truly alive and discover what really nourishes us. By softening more and deeply into relaxation, we can open and sensitise our bodies to the subtle energies that flow within us and others.

In this workshop we are going to tap into our deeper body wisdom to explore this flow and how we can meet each other in this wordless space of connection. We’ll begin with an individual practice to soften into what is here for us now and relax the nervous system and then we’ll work in groups of 2 and 3, giving and receiving bodywork.
We will also bring awareness to what happens we we are the giver or space holder and how we can cultivate presence and attunement, anchoring in ourselves while being with another.

This workshop takes inspiration from Holistic Bodywork and the dance of Tandava.