Led by Tess van der Putten & DJ Daniel Tenner

Tess sings from 20:45-22:00, followed by DJ Daniel Tenner from 22:00-midnight

Tess sings. Many of you know. Others may not. Anyhow: Tess sings and is sharing her voice more and more. Now, she would love to sing for you. Touch you and your heart and carry you UP on the sounds of her voice, to different realms, times, memories and ways…
With her intuitive singing Tess tunes into the moment, the space, the group, the here and now and from that place Tess will let her voice take over and see what wants to be expressed and shared.

You will be able to sit, stand, move, dance, lay down, sleep, or anything else that suits you in the moment. You can be by yourself within your own presence and embrace or you can find yourself some loving arms and/or bodies to cuddle puddle away in. ALL is good as long as you follow your heart, honour the space and let the sound and songs carry you away.

Bring blankets, cushions, loved ones, comfy things, maybe a favourite totem or crystal you want to hold on to or charge in the space. Be free, bring yourself and surrender to the sound healing of TESS.