Led by Lynn Kreaden

The body is a wonderland that has an infinite amount information which is seen and unseen. Our sexual energy is infused with our life force and aliveness. How we were received and accepted as little people; speaks directly to our erotisism, sexuality and emotional availability as adults today.

The body reveals information about a person’s wounds, prior history and present day struggles. It remembers everything about our perceived experiences of rejection and judgements, and/or approval and love. Our sexuality (life force) forms around this emotionally charged information, and creates ways that the energy moves or doesn’t move through your sexuality.

Join Lynn as she guides you through a journey of your body’s sexual energetics. Several participants will be invited to have their bodies read, in front of the group, and go through a small process that can shift their consciousness to be able to inhabit their sexual energy with a deeper awareness.

This is a very vulnerable and sacred experience. If you are interested in having your body read please speak to Lynn before signing up. We will have time for 5 readings.

Limited to 25 participants.