The Master Key, a talk on bridging polarities

In Workshop by Kathryn

Led by Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

For the past decade, Eivind has been researching polarities and the tension between them through an archetypal lens. This spring, he had a breakthrough in his research, when he finally understood the archetypal substructure of human conflict and psychological suffering.

He now wants to present his findings to you as “the Master Key”.

With his new teachings, Eivind proposes that all of the human dramas come from a disconnect between the Warrior and Lover archetypes, and that there is a path we must walk to bridge these opposing forces in ourselves and the world.

Whether you identify as a tough Warrior or a sensitive Lover, the Master Key has something important to tell you. And if you plan to attend the Breakthrough Process workshop, attending this talk will help you understand why the modality is so enormously powerful in helping people transform.