The Sacred Bowl, Exploring the Pelvis

Led by Marysia Pstrokońska

This workshop is for women*

Come and explore the physical foundation of your relationship to the feminine — the pelvic bowl and all it contains.

The pelvis is a powerful part of our bodies — both anatomically and energetically — it is the foundation upon which everything else is built. Yet many of us find it a difficult place to connect to, to rest in, to trust the wilder or more intense energies that may live there.
There can often be fear about coming into the world fully connected to the energy of this area of the body, and especially being seen in it and with it.

However this is a place of profound power, inner authority and alignment, that holds many mysteries waiting to be tapped.

Through bodywork, sound, movement, touch and lovingly witnessing each other and journeying together, we will dialogue with our base, our ground, our root and all of the primal potency and deep tenderness that lives there. We will explore the pelvis and hips, pelvic floor and womb.

This will be also be a Celebration —of Life, of our bodies, of allowing ourselves to be the full expression of our force and to connect in that, of sensuality, of the deep feminine that lives within us.

*This workshop is for women. This is an inclusive definition of “women” and includes those who wish to join a respectful and embodied exploration of womanhood – including trans, genderqueer, intersex, non-binary.