Way of Woman: Power in the light, Power in the shadow

In Workshop by Kathryn

Led by Ellen Waenink & Marysia Pstrokońska

In this session, we will explore our power as women.

Many of us have a complex relationship to this topic: insecurities around taking up (too much) space, doubts about whether our power will be enough, fear that if we show our full power and energy it might be deemed ‘too much’ … there is a lot there for many of us.

This is a space to discover more of how we embody power in our own unique ways.

How do we express power? What happens when we start to bring that into connection with each other? How do we receive and respond to power in other women? What does it feel like to be powerful? To be witnessed in it? Can we enjoy it?

We’ll dive into some of our personal shadows around power and bring awareness and light to these places in us.

We’ll work with the personal and transpersonal to connect deeply to ourselves, to each other, and to the wider collective of women.

This workshop will be journey into connecting to your body, into your expression and into your shadow. We will work with embodiment, presence in connection and ritual space to explore this essential theme in our lives and in this time.