Stewarded by Stéphane Segatori

We intend to simply ‘happen’ in a collective space, with the goal of sinking in persistent fundamental wellbeing, a source of inextinguishable flow.

We give people freedom before anything else. We experience human connection through our inner worlds & often wonder how limitless human experience can be!

In that space we aim for 100% Play + Maximum 69% Serious; and many other beautiful things to discover!

You’re welcome to bring, to share, and to do what is of utmost importance for you, right now, in the world. If necessary you’ll get backup for that! (bring your laptops and phones if it tingles) Integration of life momentum & taking action over your latest insights is invited. Whether your attention goes to your social or professional purpose, we offer a steaming-edge playbox of direct pointers evolved over 2 years.

More info: We-Flow as an awareness-based technology has emerged from professional we-space contexts at our We-Space Lab in Amsterdam and online. It is currently used to serve several entrepreneurs & company cultures in europe and US. Weekly active online calls, a stewardship training, a monthly practice collective are run, with more than 135 professionals already served.