Stewarded by Stéphane Segatori

What’s the next important practical step in your personal or professional life right now? What magic happens when it’s brought it into a we-space?

Bring your preferred creation tools: laptop, notebooks, posters, mindmaps, props, drawing / painting accessories.

This We-Flow workshop is dedicated to your transformational purpose (talents, growth, contribution) as much as your individual purpose (livelihood, partnership, family).

We-Flow is a non-ordinary we-space practice. It fosters and focuses on action, while being in connection with self and others. It begins with an intentional group flow that propel us towards successive waves of connection, making and integration.
The intentional culture is generative of freedom, ease, unity and enablement; It comes with clear and beautifully crafted micro-agreements. We are immersed in a practical collective state (PCS) where inner autonomy and inner wisdom are central and accessible.

“Work” becomes Play, Play brings nourishment, life becomes ever more rewarding.

The felt presence of backup and the emerging properties of the space are often synonym of outsized results: participants experienced clarity, limitlessness, creative flow, delight, synergy, ability, support, brightness.

It’s been designed with care, for small & medium businesses, artists, creative teams, scale-ups, professionals, coaches. It is currently in use within several companies and expanding.

There is no homework, before, during, or after. Every moment is supplied with ever-growing access to your resources. Flow doesn’t stop there! The clear light of the following morning is where the secondary magic starts.

Maximum of 16 participants.