Coaching & One-On-Ones

Coaching is an integral part of the work of Circling Europe

We provide an integrative coaching experience for those wanting to embody the real possibilities of deep presence in their life and relationships. We uniquely combine Circling with Integral coaching (John and Sean are certified with Integral Coaching Canada) in which we are qualified. This is one of the most comprehensive and effective methodologies for personal growth in the world today and adds a deep structure behind the natural flow of moment to moment relating in circling.

This coaching experience is especially for those who have experienced depth and openness in circling, meditation or other practices and want to have more of those kinds of experiences of authenticity, ease and connection in everyday life. This kind of integration has been our passion and personal journey over the past years and gives us a grounding to bring this support to others. In addition, for those that have hit a block or pain in their lives, we have considerable experience and skill in the alchemy of transforming pain and stagnation into the fuel for deep growth.

What Is Possible

This is an opportunity to make grounded change in something that really matters to you. For example:

  • to bring insight to challenging relationships
  • to gain more emotional understanding and wellbeing
  • to develop a greater sense of purpose, proactivity and vitality
  • to address a particular stumbling block or concern
  • overcome addiction and chronic physical alignments
  • to integrate your primal side
  • to bring more intimacy and connection to key relationships
  • to empower masculine/feminine qualities within you
  • to further explore circling and deeper spiritual states