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Great to have you here! We hope this course can open new doors for you in experiencing profound connection, relating with the world in new ways and getting to the heart of what most deeply matters to you.

Online Circling Training: A 10 Week Journey to Interconnectivity

21st century communication and self transformation. This course is a journey to the heart of what matters most. Through its pioneering pedagogy you will deepen your presence to yourself, you will engage more artfully with others and start to feel new dimensions to being in groups.

  • “catalyst for explosive growth…”

    “The results I have experienced have been incredible. To be seen, nakedly as I truly am, has been the catalyst for explosive growth and I am grateful that circling is in my life and that I have had the opportunity to truly understand how to be with others.”
    – Robert, USA

  • “wonderful possibility…”

    “I experienced on-line circling as a profound way of sharing and diving deeper into what actually lives in the now. It cannot only deepen the connection to yourself, it also gives you the wonderful possibility to connect on a truly deep level with people from all over the world!!”
    – Sacha, Netherlands

  • “amazed at the power…”

    “I was amazed at the power of the guided exercises and the experiences I had, connections which I still remember clearly, and all the other participants I spoke with said the same. And the facilitators led by example. Throughout they communicated with us and with each other authentically and in the spirit of the coursematerial, and in doing so helped everyone else to do the same”
    – John, UK

  • “breakthrough…”

    “The online circling course helped me delve deeper into the 5 principles of circling which has been such a welcome addition to my circling experience. I had a particularly poignant breakthrough in my felt sense experience of surrendered leadership which was what my hope was in taking the course. The group meetings led by Marysia and the team were wonderful too.”
    – Rossi, USA

Capacities we expect you to evolve in this learning environment:

  • A greater sense of acceptance and love for yourself and others
  • An enhanced capacity for presence, connection and aliveness
  • An increased ability to maintain presence with yourself whatever is happening in others
  • Developed wisdom in the dynamics of what happens in yourself and others in relationship
  • Increased capacity to be with and discern emotions, thoughts and spiritual states of being
  • Breathing life into spiritual concepts in an exciting and simple way
  • An ability to sharpen and share your unique gifts in easeful ways
  • An enhanced capacity to receive and inspire others in their unique capacities

Next Level Education

We find that the most integrated and accelerated learning happens with a healthy balance of experience and understanding; of challenge and support; of leaning into the discomfort of not-knowing and connecting to the native clarity that already lives inside of us; of us sharing our insights while inviting you to draw your owning meaning from what you discover.

In this spirit, we’ve designed this Course to bring a healthy mix of continuously immersing you into the practice of Circling with support, providing mental clarity through distinctions and practices that you can do on your own.

A Note on Marketing

We strongly want to avoid falling into the internet marketing subculture that has worked out the best ways to sell products. While also learning from the wisdom of this form of intelligence we want to be more direct and humble about our offering. We know this in itself is marketing and will endeavour to be fully honest with you.

This Online Course Includes…

  • Ten weeks packed with videos and written material full of insights on bringing more depth, presence and aliveness into your relationships
  • The five principles of Circling and Six fundamental and simple practices to bring Circling to life.
  • Three live 2 hour online Circling teaching and practice sessions with our own cutting edge video breakout technology designed specifically for intimacy online
  • One live 90 min dharma session with the main dudes of Circling Europe, John Thompson, Sean Wilkinson, or Jordan Myska Allen
  • Two one-on-one circling/coaching sessions to fully experience being Circled by the masters and to take away valuable insight for your next stage of growth
  • Optional weekly meetings with your course buddies where you can put your new skills and insights into practice.
  • Thirty days of unlimited access to the world’s most active Circling community—all happening online—for continued support and connection. With three sessions a day, this gives you over 60 hours of potential connection and practice time

Group practice calls

These sessions will enable you to experience first hand the innovative practice of Circling, plus support you in getting the most from being in the programme. These are highly interactive and informative group sessions utilising our cutting edge technology made specifically for Circling.

Individualised Circling Coaching

Gain firsthand experience of the intimacy of Circling with one of our top leaders with specific focus on your development through the course. These sessions will support you in learning Circling and beyond!

Written, Video and Audio Materials

Each week you’ll receive materials to support you in your understanding and embodiment of Circling, including a practice you can do to with a loved one or peer on the course (including a guided practice audio) and reflection questions and distinctions to empower you in bringing this depth of connection more into your life. We’ll cover: the 5 Circling principles, deeper themes like non-doing, interconnectivity, surrender, developmental psychology and presence and explore the foundations of Surrendered Leadership.

Dharma Calls

Learn the latest developments, foundations and bigger picture of what Circling is all about. Dharma is living knowledge and therefore these sessions are about transmission and connecting with what is present in the group as well as developing understanding.

Weekly 1 on 1 Circling Practice with other Group Members

Each week you have the optional to dive in to one of the practices with another group member so you can explore your new skills and insights together, and support each other on your journey.

Full Access and Initiation to our Global Online Practice Community

Circling Europe has created an innovative online community to practice with people from all over the world every day (Currently in 20 plus countries). With the latest technology, trained Circling leaders, and the power of Circling this gives you an important resource to deepen your capacity.

10 Week Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

Full introduction to the paradigm of Circling, simple and powerful foundational practice.

Module 2: Commitment to Connection

Learn this innovative cornerstone that can turn issues that usually kill connection into breakthroughs.

Module 3: Staying with the Level of Sensation

This meditation capacity unplugs you from the matrix into deep intimacy.

Module 4: Owning Your Experience

Take responsibility to new levels where your can transform from victim into empowered player that inspires others.

Module 5: Trusting Experience

This is a key into a deeper intelligence to guide our actions and ability to impact the moment.

Module 6: Being with the other in their World

This principle creates unimaginable impact on how others will feel in connection with you. From defensive or surface connection to profound, intimate and into the mystery of connection.

Module 7: Deeper themes (Non-Doing)

An exploration in non-doing—highest of all spiritual practices, scientifically proven ways to healthy lifestyle and enjoyable perspectives on life.

Module 8: Deeper themes (Presence & Interconnectivity)

Dive into the deep end of what Circling can open us to.

Module 9: Deeper themes (Surrender & Leadership)

Exploring the cutting edge of Circling wisdom.

Module 10: Next Steps

Key guidelines to challenges and opportunities bringing what you have learned into your life.

In Person Dates

This training is cohort based; in addition to the content, individual coaching sessions, and CircleAnywhere access, this upcoming group – June 2019 – will meet together on the following days at 8pm CET (Europe) / 1pm CT (United States): June 16, July 7, July 28, August 18.

Course Leaders

Marysia Pstrokonska

Facilitator, Collaborator Full Bio

Shara Sebastian

Facilitator Full Bio

Michael Blas

Michael Blas

Facilitator Full Bio

Philip Watson

Facilitator Full Bio

Sean Wilkinson

Dharma Full Bio

John Thompson

Dharma Full Bio

Jordan Myska Allen

Dharma Full Bio

“highly recommend this for anyone…”

“Noticing that as I begin to write, a lot of admiration and appreciation for this course is arising. In saying that, it is because of Circling and this course’s deeper dive into it that I am able to even notice it and express it with confidence in my own experience. I came in desiring a deeper understanding on the practice, the contents and makeup that set the circling container and allow the practice to run so gracefully, and to dive in deeper to connection with myself whist being able to apply the tools and be in connection with others. I highly recommend this for anyone who desires a deeper understanding of themselves, how we connect with others, and how to be with others in their experience.”
– Libby, UK

“The Circling Europe Academy Training is the best value for the money that I have spent to deepen and develop my competency in Circling. I downloaded every single item and saved it so I can refer to it again and again. The exercises offered for each of the principles are ones I want to practice over and over. Especially useful were the sections on how to take the Circling Guidelines into everyday life. Since I learn best by example, I found the tables contrasting the different ways of being quite clear and useful in guiding me to discover distinctions I might not have otherwise noticed. The personal examples offered were both illuminating and, because they were personal, gave me a deeper feeling of connection to John, Sean and Jordan. I highly recommend this Course to every participant of Circle Anywhere.”
– Shirley, Austin Texas, USA

Common Questions

Yes, we created this for you.

We’re very excited by the kinds of breakthroughs we see in people who have never experienced “Circling” before.

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