The Online Circling Course.

Your 10 Week Journey To The Heart of What Matters Most

Jordan here writing to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision about the next round of our 10 Week Online Course.

We've run it five times now and continue to get fantastic feedback on it: previous participants report "breakthroughs in surrender," "explosive growth," deepening their connections and self-awareness, modeling new possibilities of integrity, and a lot of other really nice things that make us very proud to share it with you.

In addition to these powerful personal outcomes, participants come away with a clearer understanding of what Circling and Surrendered Leadership are and how the awareness and leadership these practices cultivate can improve their lives. They also love connecting deeply with people from around the world.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions

Why Circling?

Circling brings together powerful principles that integrate wisdom from meditation, therapy, coaching and leadership development, this innovative process is at the heart of our course.

I’ve already done some Circling online/in person. What’s different about this course?

Deep presence and connection online… are you sure that works?

Yes, and it’s amazing. We’ve lead over 3000 powerful Circling sessions online in the past years, with thousands of people and deep-work groups as large as 30 people at a time.

What People Say about this Course


“catalyst for explosive growth…”

“The results I have experienced have been incredible. To be seen, nakedly as I truly am, has been the catalyst for explosive growth and I am grateful that Circling is in my life and that I have had the opportunity to truly understand how to be with others.”  – Robert, USA


“highly recommend this for anyone…”

I highly recommend this for anyone who desires a deeper understanding of themselves, how we connect with others, and how to be with others in their experience.”  – Olivia, UK


“the best value for the money that I have spent”

“the best value for the money that I have spent to deepen and develop my competency in relating. Especially useful were the sections on how to take the lessons into everyday life. The personal examples offered were illuminating and gave me a deeper feeling of connection to John, Sean and Jordan. I highly recommend this Course!” – Shirley, Portugal


“connect on a truly deep level...”

“I experienced on-line circling as a profound way of sharing and diving deeper into what actually lives in the now. It cannot only deepen the connection to yourself, it also gives you the wonderful possibility to connect on a truly deep level with people from all over the world!!” – Sacha, Netherlands


"amazed at the power"

“I was amazed at the power of the guided exercises and the experiences I had, connections which I still remember clearly, and all the other participants I spoke with said the same. And the facilitators led by example. Throughout they communicated with us and with each other authentically and in the spirit of the course material, and in doing so helped everyone else to do the same” – John, UK


“poignant breakthrough”

“The online circling course helped me delve deeper into the 5 principles of circling which has been such a welcome addition to my circling experience. I had a particularly poignant breakthrough in my felt sense experience of surrendered leadership which was what my hope was in taking the course. The group meetings led by Marysia and the team were wonderful too.” – Rossi, USA

More common questions...

How can my relationships transform in just 10 weeks?

This course is different from other online learning because we emphasize live practice. 

You likely already agree that knowledge without the chance to apply it to real-life situations isn't very useful. It's like reading the instructions on how to ride a bike.

As a result, this course focuses on giving you in the moment feedback: through the live group calls, through the one-to-one coaching sessions with our top trainers, through the chance to practice weekly with another course member, and the chance to practice daily on CircleAnywhere, our global psycho-spiritual cross-training community. You'll see your unconscious habits as they happen and get continuous opportunities to choose once again in the exact moment that you're caught in a no-longer-helpful way of interacting.

Even our top-notch written and video material is designed to help you recognize and apply your learning in your day to day life. 

How will I learn on this course?

In many ways we uphold the Socratic ideal that we all already possess knowledge, but in forgetfulness, so learning is simply an “un-forgetting” of what has been there all along. You will often be surprised at how simple, powerful, and suddenly obvious—under the new light of presence—your insights will be.

What are the logistics?

This is a 10 week course, with one lesson delivered each week, 4 live group calls, & two 1-1 coachings. There is an optional discussion forum and optional weekly peer practice. All videos are downloadable & your access to the site is indefinite, so you can study it at your leisure.

What if I can't make one of the Live Group Calls?

Missing one is OK: you’ll still be able to get an immense amount of value out of the course content, coaching sessions, home practices, and CircleAnywhere access. Please wait for the next cohort if you know you’ll miss more than 1 of the 4 live group sessions.

How much time will it take?

Developing mastery in this practice takes time, and we estimate that the bare-minimum engagement will be 15 hours over the course of our ten weeks together. For those who have more time or desire, there is a lot more opportunity to deepen and dive in as much as you would like to.