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Are you longing to bring deeper consciousness to your work, into your leadership and to your work related relationships? Do you want to be more of who you really are in the work space and wanting more authenticity? Do you believe that trust is the catalysor for growth and expansion, but not sure how to bring it into your business culture?


We believe you can more elegantly express your uniqueness to the world… and ignite more trust at the same time.


We have the tools for it and are ready to share them with you in this two-day-event.


Circling in Business – Growing trust and leadership


Circling is a paradigm-busting practice that will give you an experience of what it is like to be, speak and act from presence. While Circling we consistently see people have experiences of connection and self-understanding they never thought were possible.


Circling is the fastest way to self-development and increasing self-awareness that we have encountered so far. This training is for people that are serious about their development and growth and for people that want to be more real with colleagues and clients and transform their relationships with them into deeper connections. It’s not for the faint hearted!


In these two days you will:

  • Learn the principles of Circling and practice Circling in small groups and in a big group resembling smaller or larger meetings in business. You’ll practice noticing what is happening on different levels in the group: interpersonal, intrapersonal and in the larger field and experiment with expressing it so you will constructively influence the (group) process or dynamic.
  • Practice to be in presence and connect with others from presence and experience the effect it has on yourself and others. You will notice a huge shift in your connections: from flatness to depth and fullness, from superficial to meaningful and real.
  • Practice to notice and observe objectively, without prejudice and with fresh eyes in any situations and become more aware of when you are not. This will help increase your ability to get more informed before making decisions or taking action.
  • Explore the edges between surrendering to what’s there in the field in the moment and taking leadership. We call this surrendered leadership, which is a leadership style based on presence, connection and authenticity.
  • Increase awareness of when you are leading/acting while being in connection and when not. You will learn to notice the difference in yourself as in the effects on others.


We believe that by practicing Circling and surrendered leadership, we create stronger, more creative, dynamic, and aligned individuals—and therefore a more conscious, supportive, abundant and loving collective.


See More about Circling in Business here.


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You don’t need any special training or experience, simply a desire to dive in, get real and expect the unexpected!



This workshop will be led by John Thompson and Ellen Waenink.



About John Thompson
John is one of the founders of Circling Europe and has been on a 15 year journey into the depths of what is possible in human growth and development. There is little he had not explored or researched and had always been determined to apply what he has learned straight into practice. He has a successful background in elite sports coaching and is an Integral coach. In less than 6 years he has helped spread Circling to 20 countries and has helped to define the paradigm shifting nature of what Circling is. With Circling Europe he has pioneered Surrendered leadership and is deeply inspired by the cutting edge of what is possible in development, leadership and relationship and making this as widely accessible to people as possible.



About Ellen Waenink
Ellen Waenink is an entrepreneur and coach and works with people and businesses in transformation. She works with tech start-ups, organisations in the public sector and health care, large corporates and (business) schools. Her main areas of focus are leadership development, organisational change, authentic communication and conscious relating. She is on a mission to help evolve more presence, connection and aliveness in professional contexts, using the social technology Circling. Before Ellen was the director of a leadership development organisation working with the Dutch government. She has an expertise in leadership and leadership development, with a special interest in the feminine and masculine dynamic and feminine leadership.



  • Thursday: 10am – 5pm
  • Friday: 10am – 5pm

Mirror Centre
Ter Gouwstraat 3
1093 JX Amsterdam, Netherlands


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