Circling Weekend in Amsterdam


Early Bird Price: 180 EUR + 21% VAT (Pay before Feb 19th)
Regular Price: 240 EUR + 21% VAT

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Sean Wilkinson, Jordan Myska Allen, and others from the CE team



  • Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm

Lunch break @ roughly 1:30pm


Studio Kaouthar

Tussen de Bogen 46, 1013 JB Amsterdam, Netherlands


Want to join us?

You don’t need any special training or experience, simply a desire to dive in, get real and expect the unexpected! And, if you want more info on Circling before the event, we recommend:


What do I bring?
You don’t need to bring anything, but we recommend a water bottle or reusable cup, any special snacks, and lunch / money for lunch. Although most of the weekend is experiential, some participants like to have a notebook and pen to jot down personal insights.


Is food provided?
Light snacks, water and tea will be provided. If you have dietary restrictions, please bring your own snacks. We will take lunch break where you will be responsible for your own meal. You are welcome to bring your lunch or go to a nearby place to buy your lunch.


How early can I arrive?
Doors generally open 30 minutes prior to the start time. We encourage you to arrive at least 15 minutes early to give yourself time to orient to the event, greet others, take care of your personal needs, and get settled into the space.


Can I come for just part of the time?
We prefer you to be there for the whole weekend, but we do make exceptions for some circumstances—if you have a major conflict in your attendance availability, please contact the local host to see if it is possible to make special arrangements.


May I get a discount?
We offer a 30% discount to the participants of our 6-month SAS training course. We also offer an “Early Bird” rate if you register by Feb 15, 2017. We do not offer additional discounts, but you can request a payment plan by emailing [email protected]


Do you accept trade or work/trade?


Can I pay cash?
We prefer payment via PayPal or bank transfer, but we can accept cash as well.


What if I’ve never Circled before?
Circling Immersion weekends are a wonderful way to discover the practice for the first time. There will likely be others there who are new to Circling as well. If you would like to get a sense of Circling in advance; please check out a Circling event—you can get information for what’s happening in Amsterdam Circling Nights Facebook group. Also, please let the facilitators know that this is your first time Circling and feel free to request support for this new experience at any time during the weekend.


I’ve never meditated before…?
While the practice of Circling is a relational meditation, it isn’t necessary for you to have meditated before. Many people begin their meditation journey through Circling, and we will guide you while encouraging you to open to the feelings of uncertainty and not knowing.


Is this therapy?
Circling is not therapy, nor is it facilitated by a professional counselor. The experience may feel healing, but that is not the intention of Circling. Circling embraces each moment as it is, without the assumption that something needs to be changed.


What language will the event be facilitated in?
The event will be facilitated in English. You are welcome to speak other languages at the event and relate with others in your preferred language.