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Free, 2 hour online introduction to Circling!

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We love this practice and want to share it because:

  • of how deeply it impacts people and changes their lives for the better.
  • We want you to get a taste of how powerful it can be to practice online,
  • and we invite you to try out our community of practice
  • which meets on our own cutting edge video conferencing technology!

What is Circling?

Simply put, it is practicing presence and aliveness in connection. It also is an evolving body of knowledge about bringing more clarity, discernment, intimacy, and awareness into our relationships.

(We’ll be go into more detail about this, including experiences, practices, and as many questions as your heart desires).


The time is based on your time zone… please adjust accordingly:

  • 1:30pm – 3:30pm Central US Time (Chicago)
  • 8:30pm – 10:30pm Central European Time (Amsterdam)

We encourage you to show up 15 minutes in advance to prepare your technology. You will receive a link to the event and instructions in the confirmation email.

Circling at the Integral European Conference

Benefits of Circling…

Every Circle is unique so it’s very difficult to predict what insights will arise. Nevertheless, most people discover

  • More capacity to inspire and lead others
  • Personal and Relational blind-spots
  • A deeper self-acceptance
  • New possibilities for self-expression and intimacy
  • Greater compassion for themselves and those around them
  • A more confident and flexible sense of self
  • A surrender to higher potentials

Circling is not a band-aid solution. It touches the things that matter most to you and offers keys of how this can unfold in your life in the most meaningful ways to you.

Online Circling

What Makes Circling Different…

While it can have similar benefits to meditation, performance coaching or therapy the point of focus with Circling is what is happening in the present moment in our connections with each other.

There is no trying to get anywhere (although we include our longings and desires); we simply open more skilfully to what is here within us and between us.

It can become an operating system for life, a way of navigating everything we come in contact with, a way of perceiving ourselves, others and life in its entirety.

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