International Circling Festival Scholar 2017


We are offering a scholarship program for the International Circling Festival. Each scholar will work 4 hours per day in exchange for a reduced price of enrollment. Outside the working hours, scholars will be able to fully participate in the program. Each scholar will be scheduled off duty for one full day during the Festival. During the working hours, scholars will assist the cooks, prepare breakfast, prepare workshop and parties, and coordinate the daily cleaning. Scholars will be working as a close-knit team.


€ 340 (incl. VAT) registration includes 5 days of organic food, lodging and participation in the Festival. We are extending a € 20 discount for current SAS participants, as well as those who have been in an SAS course as recently as August 2016.


You can apply to be a scholar by filling out this form. From the applications, we will form a final team of scholars. We have 12 positions for scholars this year. We will contact you by June 23, 2017 to inform you of whether your participation on the scholar team is granted. The reasons for us to proceed this way are twofold: first, we expect many applications. Second, we want to use the scholar program to accommodate our needs in terms of skills and availability required to create the best team for the Festival. We will also take into account the needs from some of you that travel from far and would not be able to come without a reduced price for the Festival. The order of application will be taken into account as well.


If you are granted a scholarship, we ask that you to pay in full within 7 days after our confirmation of participation – by June 30, 2017. This is required to secure your place on the program. If you do not pay within those 7 days, your spot will be given to the next in line.


When the scholar team in finalized, we will look at role assignment within the team and schedule shifts. We will communicate this to you prior to the Festival.


For inquiries, contact Dries Cuijpers at [email protected] or +31-6-31035871.


The International Circling Festival is our biggest and most magical event of the year! We come together from around the world to celebrate and dive in together 🙂 There are multiple contributors leading an amazing range of cutting edge workshops and practices, with all the details coming soon… The retreat centre is in some of the most beautiful countryside in Holland.

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