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SAS Fiesta in Austin

30 Aug 2019 10:00 am
2 Sep 2019 7:00 pm
Austin, TX, USA   View map


Venue to be announced!

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Event Details

I’m deeply grateful to exist at all. It’s such an amazing thing to be alive that I want to put celebrating Being at the explicit heart of this gathering.

I think this celebrating is-ness-itself has always been the heart of Circling—to step into utter awe that perspective can be formed and reflect and be appreciated by awareness-in-and-as-us—-as-individuals-perceiving-ourselves-as-separate is a total mystery, and in Circling we take the rare step of not-taking this mystery for granted.

And in Surrendered Leadership we’re opening our identity to include more than the self-of-our-personality; we begin to allow ourselves to be personalities but also so much more. And we are always in celebration of the whole of Being in this microcosm of our being, and being part of a group which is part of the whole, and we heighten that gratitude and ecstasy by bringing explicit attention to our already-in-celebration as whole-part-whole.

Enter SAS Fiesta: A four day experiment in Surrendered Celebration.

A playful serious pole; a chaos romp with quite a structure; an experiment in deeper integration—possibly the biggest upleveling of your leadership in the smallest of expected ways.

Open to anyone who has completed an SAS or the online course ((Level 1 Certification)).

The idea was inspired in a vision during the NYE immersion…

When I think of a good life, of our deepest expression of being in alignment with Being, it involves a mindset of deep surrender and the kind of full leadership and self-responsibility we practice in all of our Circling Europe events. But the form doesn’t like like a Surrendered Leadership Circle all of the time—instead the forms of surrendered leadership look like meaningful work, silent meditation, reading, hitting the gym, nature, live music, cool conversations on road trips, and surprise Circling people at the Iron Bear (a wonderful local bar).

What it is:
To this end, during this event we’ll have dedicated time for Surrendered Leadership Circles, silent & guided meditation, learning & theory, hikes in the Greenbelt, time set aside for writing or doing-work-as-a-witting-expression-of-spirit during the day, and more.

• A swimsuit or two as we plan to rent Stand-Up Paddle Boards and you’ll have the option of cliff-jumping and rope swinging, weather permitting.
• Athletic gear as we plan to go rock climbing.
• Instrument for a jam session one evening.
• Camping gear as we plan to spend one night at Pace Bend or Enchanted Rock (depending on numbers, weather, etc.).

There may be a few other surprises…

Cost & Other
Friday Aug 30th – September 2 (Labor Day Weekend)

– Registration is $586
– You need to budget another $100 for activities
– Meals & lodging not included

Registration will close August 26th as there’s a great deal more coordination needed to make this smooth.

We plan to start at 10am each morning; after that the schedule will include evening activities of celebration and applying the spirit of Circling that will have optional end times… here’s a likely evening schedule (subject to weather, etc.)

Evening 1: Jams & the arts
Evening 2: A night on the town: live music and dancing
Evening 3: Camping ????
Evening 4: Movie night after Circling Lab

More details coming soon, we wanted to get the info out for those that schedule in advance. Participant attendance limited to 20.