Weekly Circling Night


Every Monday Evening, 6:30-8:30pm

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This is a wonderful and low commitment chance to introduce yourself or your friends to the phenomenon of Circling for the first time, as well as a good way to regularly deepen your practice and inquiry into the vivacity of each moment.


What Actually Happens?

Each night is an adventure into the unknown. We determine what to do based on the people present, our own inspiration, and what emerges between us in the moment.

Nights typically involve:


  • Paired or small group exercises in relational awareness—including taking responsibility for your own experience, practicing empathy, skillful projections, trusting your attention, and instruction on how to feel bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts, and inquire deeper into the experience of others,
  • Birthday Circles—where the attention of a group is skillfully focused on one individual’s experience for a set length of time. This person gets to feel the impact of being supportively seen by others while also experiencing their honest in-the-moment feelings. The process revolves around connection, understanding and a deep authenticity between people.
  • Surrendered Leadership Circling—which encourages everyone to find their own personal leadership while staying in full connection with the whole of the group and everything beyond ourselves. This is an integral practice of embracing polarities—self and other, leadership and surrender, masculine and feminine, etc.

Most of the direction and guidance happens in real time, during the circles. We believe this is more deeply aligned with the principles of authenticity and connection; it also allows us to participate with more presence and vulnerability, leading by example in each moment.


You can pay at the door for a single session, or buy a pass for four sessions for $40U SD.