Circling Festival Contributor

Angela Halvorsen Bogo

Four years improvised theater at school opened up a life as a performer, and facilitator. A first taste of clown In 1986 led to a year at England’s first circus school focusing on clown, movement and voice. She later trained with specialist clown, fool and voice teachers. Moving to Scotland, she met a master indigenous storyteller and for twenty years had an informal apprenticeship with him. For twenty years she created educational and cultural projects, performances and trainings with traditional storytelling or clown at the core, internationally. Moving to a monastic community in Northumberland for six years she was Creative Director of a large storytelling network creating apprenticeships for storytellers, festivals, conferences and tours. Since 2004, she has led residential courses and nine month projects for personal development and spiritual discovery using the fool archetype. She is a specialized clown, trains other clowns and medical staff in the delicate art of connecting with people with dementia. She creates events around the eight Celtic festivals, that connect people in depth with the earth’s seasons in non-religious gatherings and is also a consultant in organisations.

Speaker of Events