Chahat Corten

Circling Festival Contributor

Chahat Corten

Chahat Corten is one of the founding members of the Venwoude community in Holland. From 1988, together with her partner Ted Wilson, she has been at the heart of the development of spiritual contexts and in the founding and development of this experiment.

After 28 years of dedicating her life to the holding and the complexity of a larger organisation, she followed a calling in 2016 to move on. She now lives in Amsterdam and she is available for people who want to find her for counsel in all areas of life.

She is the co-host of The Summer Festival of Love, that this year takes place for the fifth time in Holland

In her journey, she has had the privilege to meet and study with numerous great teachers throughout the world. All these beautiful different facets of entering the Miracle of our Existence have shaped her unique realisation of Emptiness and Fullness; her realisation of Wisdom and Love!

Chahat is well-trained and thoroughly cooked in sacred communal living and many modalities of spiritual practice. Gentle and holy laughter and ecstatic creativity merged with penetrating wisdom (unique teachings in the realms of relationship and sexuality), embodied practice and the formation of evolutionary WE-space, is what she offers from her heart. Her website, will be fully updated in the coming weeks.

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