Ellen Waenink


Ellen Waenink

Location Amsterdam

About Ellen

Ellen is one of the lead facilitators with Circling Europe and spearheads the organisation Circling in Business – bringing Circling into various, professional contexts. As one of the main leads of Circling Nights Amsterdam she hosts weekly Circling events in Amsterdam.

For years she worked in management positions in highly masculine environments which led to curiosity about feminine leadership. From then on she has been exploring feminine leadership and engaging deeply in women’s practices and feminine spirituality – among which an intensive tantric training from a female teacher in a Kashmiri Shaivism lineage.

She also hosts events on practicing Intimacy and Relationship, teaches somatic practices and holds space for women’s circles working with archetypes.

Speaker of Events

Start Date Name Details Location Price Status
22 Jun 2019

Circling Weekend in Amsterdam June 2019

$337.21 6 Qty Available
$337.21 6 Qty Available