Head of Circling in Business in Europe, Senior Leader

Ellen Waenink

Location Amsterdam

About Ellen

Ellen works with and coaches people and businesses in transformation and has an expertise in leadership and leadership development.

For years she worked in management positions in highly masculine environments when she became curious about feminine leadership. She then started researching feminine leadership and engaging deeply in women’s practices, turning herself into an expert at harnessing the dynamic balance of feminine and masculine strengths in teams and organisations to unleash their full potential.

She is the founder of the Source of Universal Leadership (SOUL), an international network of transformational leaders called to contribute to extraordinary and sustainable solutions to the challenges we face today.

Ellen is initiating expansion within Circling Europe, taking Circling into the context of business. She creates projects to bring Circling further into the world while creating opportunities for emerging leaders to bring their unique gifs as well as the art of surrendered leadership to their work. In addition she runs her own Circling events in the Netherlands and is an assistant-leader in SAS.

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Speaker of Events

Start Date Name Details Location Price Status
24 Oct 2019

Bali SAS Oct 2019-Apr 2020

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia $4,625.06 26 Qty Available
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia $4,625.06 26 Qty Available