John Thompson


John Thompson

Location Holland, UK

About John

As Co-Founder of Circling Europe, John has been at the heart of helping spread Circling to over 20 countries over the last 5 years. He’s also been a key part defining and evolving the paradigm-shifting practice of Circling.

Along with Sean, he invented Surrendered leadership and the 5 principles of Circling. He has trained over 300 Circling leaders around the world and recently published a book chapter on Circling (Cohering the Integral We-Space).

John is a NARM facilitator, a certified Integral coach and an award winning scholar having published numerous journal articles in the field of Integral theory and personal development.

Prior to working in Circling, John had a successful career in elite Tennis coaching specialising in psychology and pioneering new ways to help sport be a vehicle for profound personal growth for athletes and parents of athletes. He also founded an internationally famous project for street children in India.

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