Kageni Pierce

Kageni Pierce

Position Operations

About Kageni

I found circling in 2014 after attending a circling lab in Austin, and I never looked back.

I’ve had a passion for personal development for as long as I can remember, starting in my early childhood when the only avenue for personal development was my Christian teachings. I have since expanded from the more egocentric and ethnocentric practices, and Circling has been one of the most impactful Integral practices I have yet encountered.

I fell in love with Circling Europe’s circling and have since logged thousands of hours in circling labs, weekend immersions, SAS leadership trainings and even private circling sessions with friends.

To the Circling Europe Operations team, I bring many years of skill, expertise and experience from having worked in corporate environments both in Kenya and the US. I get the most joy when I participate in making someone else’s life just a bit easier, no matter the problem.

My other professional pursuits include private one-on-one life coaching, and teaching yoga.

Fun facts: I grew up in Kenya, moved to the US in 2000, proud mother to the most loving daughter, and I speak Swahili.

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