Lonneke van Elburg

Lead Collaborator

Lonneke van Elburg

Location Holland

About Lonneke

Lonneke loves people and exploring the natural curiosity of what their world is like. What makes them thrive, who are their loved ones and what makes them uniquely who they are? She is also passionate about being and working with children and seeing their open, sensitive and wise mirrors to the world that surrounds them. This drew her to study Orthopedagogy, a Dutch academic study comparable to child psychology, with a specific focus on the interaction between children and their family and school systems. She finds it to be a true gift to bring parents back to the natural joy of parenting and to help children to be seen in their specific needs and unique qualities.

Parallel to her personal developmental journey, Lonneke has come to a more holistic approach in her work. She has found that it is not only the words that tell peoples´ stories, but also the language of their bodies, the way they cope with emotions, and how they relate to others. She has been studying Sherborne Developmental Movement Therapy, specialising in trauma treatment for children. She is also a Hatha Yoga teacher, with a special focus on Chakra psychology and Prenatal care, which includes deep bodywork and teaching master classes for coaches.

Lonneke says, “My acquaintance with Circling came at the right moment. Meeting John and Sean and getting to know the practice of Circling felt like a deep recognition. It linked different aspects of my work to each other and added a new flavour to it. With every circle I am still touched by the way the simplicity of this practical tool leads to profound insights and changes, and helps people to relate to each other on a deep level. Sharing this magnificent practice with others feels important and a gift.”

Speaker of Events