Markus Schnizer

Circling Festival Contributor

Markus Schnizer

Born in 1968, he moved to Amsterdam in 1991 to study contemporary dance.

During his career as a dancer his broad interests brought him into contact with many ways and forms of body movements, techniques, styles, bodywork.

Since 2005, Markus has his own practice for body-awareness in Amsterdam, whereby he combines his different backgrounds of bodywork. Main inspirations on his path are the Grinberg-method, TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) and Alexander-technique as well as his training as performer.

Since 2006 Markus is also connected as a staff teacher to camera-acting schools ( and Mediacollege Amsterdam).
There he got the opportunity to develop several courses whereby actors learn to use body-awareness as a way of building up a character, how to access a broad scale of emotions, using “heavy” experiences as a treasure for authentic acting, but also film-fighting and other classes.

Speaker of Events